Be kind, be brave

We haven’t quite hit the 1st January, but with just a couple of days to go, I thought it wouldn’t be out of place to mention the ‘R’ word.


They’re everywhere. From pledges of getting fitter and healthier, to drinking less and relaxing more, you can pretty much guarantee you will have at least one conversation about New Year’s resolutions at some point from now until the end of January.

As for me? I get caught up in the wave of pledges too. This year, my list started to get pretty lengthy:

1/ Attempt to not lose my shit quite so much at the various toddler/child meltdown combos that are a regular daily feature.

2/ Attempt to not lose my shit quite so much at my husband, for not instantly knowing what I am thinking/not realising I am always right/not hearing either child cry out between the hours of 10pm and 6am, and instead SLEEPING THROUGH THE FUCKING NIGHT (*takes deep breath*).

3/ Attempt to not lose my shit quite so much at the many inanimate objects that frequently attempt to ruin my day (screw you sippy cup lid that WILL NOT come off the BASTARD CUP).

4/ Accept I am probably not always right (sorry Steve. You are bloody awesome. Sometimes).

5/ Drastically reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use, because, you know, sea creatures (I have actually made a good start on this one and our bathroom is now virtually plastic-free. Solid shampoo? Seriously, it’s wondrous stuff).

5/ Stop crapping myself at the idea of running 26.2 miles at the Virgin Money London Marathon on 23rd April.

6/ Throw myself into marathon training in order to stop crapping myself at the idea of running 26.2 miles at the Virgin Money London Marathon on 23rd April.

7/ Do everything I can to raise awareness of the work of my chosen charity, War Child, who, while I am dicking around shouting at sippy cups, are doing incredible and vital work with children caught in conflict zones and refugee camps across the globe.

8/ Realise that, however bleak any situation might seem, there is always something positive I can do, even if it’s simply signing a petition for something I believe in.

I’ll be honest, my list of resolutions could go on, so to avoid boring the hell out of you, I realised that, in fact, they could all be encapsulated in four short words:


Because this, quite simply, is what every one of my resolutions boils down to. Be kind to my family, my friends, my neighbours; be kind to those I do not know; be kind to those in situations I hope I never have to encounter; be kind to the planet; be kind to myself (in order to help me not lose my shit quite so often… and to forgive myself when I do). Be brave enough to stand up for the things I believe in; and be brave enough to lace up my running shoes and give those hundreds of training miles – and the big day itself – everything I’ve got for the next four months.

Be kind. Be brave.

Happy New Year to all the lovely people who have read my blog this year. I truly appreciate your support x


2 thoughts on “Be kind, be brave

  1. Cecilia morrison

    . It seems that there will be no shit for you in 2017!!!! Good luck on that one. But seriously, Good Luck and keep your cool. I am interested in solid shampoo. Do I just google it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Claire Post author

    Ha ha! Er, yes… on rereading, that post was a bit sweary. Oops. But thank you! I’m very excited about 2017. As for the solid shampoo, I’ve now added relevant links in the blog post as to why reducing single-use plastic is so important, plus a link to shampoo bars. I get mine from Lush. They smell amazing, lather up really well and last for AGES! Plus zero packaging (apart from the paper bag they put it in!). I have a deodorant bar from Lush, too. Happy New Year, and thanks for all your support on my blog/FB page xxx



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