The thought process of a marathon runner

*Originally featured on The Running Bug*

From the abject fear of the starting pen to the elation of crossing the finish line, we take you through the mindset of running 26.2 miles…

Miles 0-9

  • ‘Oh God, Oh God, Oh God it’s about to start!’
  • ‘I need a wee!’
  • ‘We’re off. No! Wait! I need a wee’
  • ‘OK, it’s fine, I don’t need a wee’
  • ‘Oh wow, I’m running a marathon. I’m officially a marathon runner!’
  • ‘Huh. This isn’t too bad, actually’
  • ‘A mile marker! I can see a mile marker! I’ve run a mile! One down, 25 to go. Easy.’
  • ‘Oh God, my shoes are starting to rub. My shoes have never rubbed before. Why? WHY?’
  • ‘Actually they’re not rubbing, it’s fine. Just focus’
  • ‘OK, I’ve got this’
  • ‘Ooooh, Jelly Babies’
  • ‘Six miles… that’s 10K. I just need to do that, three more times. Easy’
  • ‘I love running!’
  • ‘Ouch, my calves are starting to hurt a bit’
  • ‘It’s OK, just power through’

Miles 9-18

  • ‘Seriously, they REALLY hurt now’
  • ‘Should I stop to stretch?’
  • ‘No, keep going’
  • ‘Once I get to ten miles, I’ll have a little walk break’
  • ‘Nooo! Don’t walk! Keep running’
  • ‘Let’s have a little walk break’
  • ‘Ooh, walking is nice’
  • ‘Right, back on it. Start running again’
  • ‘I hate running’
  • ‘Yay, there are my friends! Guys! GUUUYS!’
  • ‘I feel great. I love running’
  • ‘Wow, this crowd’

Miles 18-26.2

  • ‘Oh God, I’m exhausted’
  • ‘OK, seriously, a guy carrying a FRIDGE just overtook me. FFS’
  • ‘Where is the next mile marker? Seriously, where? I have been running this mile FOREVER’
  • ’21 miles! I’ve made it to 21 miles! Which is almost 22, which is almost 23, which is almost 24 which is almost 25, which means just one more mile to go! I have one more mile to go! woo!’
  • ‘Wait… what? That’s not right’
  • ‘Why did this seem like a good idea four months ago?’
  • ‘I paid actual money to do this’
  • ‘Just. Keep. Moving’
  • ’26 miles! I’ve done it! I’ve bloody done it! Where’s the finish line?’
  • ‘Sh*t. Point two. Twenty six POINT TWO. B*llocks’
  • ‘OK, keep going legs. You’ve got this’
  • ‘The finish line! I can see the ACTUAL FINISH LINE…yes!’
  • ‘Oh God, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I am absolutely NEVER doing that again…’
  • ‘That was amazing. I’m definitely signing up to do this again’

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    *Originally featured on The Running Bug*


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